beautiful farmhouse dining room tables

Rustic and modern at the same time, with nods to vintage and antiques. The combination is not always successful but here are full. This is an old farmhouse dining table converted into a new for our times, but without forgetting the past or the place where it is located. What stands out in this apartment [...]

alluring potting bench

Build a potting bench can be complex if you plan to do it from scratch. However, if you use store bought pots, work to turn them into a pot bank is much simpler. A cover made ​​of pretty bench wooden slats goes with ceramic pots and provides an attractive touch to any porch or patio. [...]

under cabinet wine glass rack

Under cabinet wine glass rack – Whether you are a person who likes to hang out with your friends at the bar? if yes, you can apply the decoration in your home bar. If you have enough space or large, please build a mini bar for your family. However, if you do not have enough [...]

Cherry Cabinets Design

The cherry cabinets in the bathroom or kitchen add warmth to the space and are available in several finishes to match your preferences and additional decorative elements in the area. Red The orange, black, gray and red light and dark spots are prominent in red granite countertops, which is an attractive addition to the cherry [...]

General antique china cabinet

Antique china cabinet can be a beautiful addition to your home, but sometimes the keys are lost and cabinet locks in the closed position. Open the lock can be easier than you think, can be unlocked in no time. Unlock the antique china cabinet Get ready to “force” the lock. Many antique china cabinet use [...]

Wine Barrel Bistro Table Set

Wine bars come in many forms. You visit a local wine barrel table for a pleasant night out or indulge yourself in owning a personal wine bar. Anything from a small closet to a wet bar can be described as personal wine bar, but always involcura have good wine on hand. Build a wine bar [...]

foyer table image

It is common for decorators and homeowners place a thin foyer table of some sort in the lobby or entrance of the house. But there is no rule about the exact size, depth, shape, or original purpose of the table. In fact, as long as your foyer or hall is large enough to have the [...]

beautiful slipcovered sofas

How to Make Slipcovered Sofas? Measures the couch. Purchase muslin cloth and fabric slipcovered sofas. Make a pattern. Use muslin or paper patterns to create the mold of the cover of the sofa. Drop the muslin at the front of the sofa, starting with the top of the back cushion and going forward to the floor. Covered with [...]

Closet Organization Ideas elegant 2014

Space is often limited and good planning is the key to success. Below we detail five tips to have closet organization ideas and take advantage of all the space. Although we cannot have a dressing room, we should think of closet organization ideas as if we had one. The idea is to think about how [...]

steel garment racks

Garment racks ideas – Have you seen the artist room? or you never see a room of fashion designer? or you never see a clothes shop? sure you will find one of the objects that will be discussed. what is it? The item is garment racks. why in the space of artists and fashion designers [...]